Enable Indexing for Anonymous Contacts on Sitecore 9 Xconnect

Hello Techies,

By default indexing for the anonymous contacts are disabled by the Sitecore. So when you are checking the Experience Profile you can only see the empty list like below.

Empty contacts

How to Enable it ?

We have to do the following changes on Xconnect website.

  1. Go to the following files
  • App_data\Config\sitecore\SearchIndexer\sc.Xdb.Collection.IndexerSettings.xml
  • \App_data\jobs\continuous\IndexWorker\App_data\Config\Sitecore\SearchIndexer\sc.Xdb.Collection.IndexerSettings.xml

2. Then change the following tag in to true


3. We need to rebuild the xDB. Go to the “.xconnect\Website\App_data\jobs\continuous\IndexWorker” and open the console window in administrator mode and run the command XConnectSearchIndexer -rr

rebuild xDB


Your XConnectSearchIndexer windows service should be running. If its not started , please restart the service .

Xconnect service

Now you can see the anonymous contacts in experience profile.


Experience Profile

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