Generate static error page in Sitecore SXA when the database is down

Sitecore SXA is providing the various error pages options.All the developers are must knowing about the 404 Error Page and 500 Error Page. You can set this error pages by following steps.

  1. Click the settings under the current site and update the 404 and server error page links .Please refer the below screenshot
  2. You have to update this error page before generating static error page.

500 error


These above operations will work only database server is up.Suppose your database server CPU process is 100% .Then you will get yellow page error to your website.

In this case there is one more option provided by SXA ,We can generate the static error page by one of hidden feature of SXA.

How to do it ?

Please follow the below steps

  1. Select the item “/sitecore/content/Tenant/Sitename/Settings/Site Grouping/Sitename”
  2. Now you can see the extra tab in the Ribbon called “Error Handling”

static error page

3. Select the Error Handling and click the “Generate static error page” button

4. Now error page will be generated in the below path         “\wwwroot\siteinstance\ErrorPages\sitename.html”

5. Even your database server is down,now users can see the user friendly error page        in your website.

Please refer the below Video for reference

generate error page

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