Sitecore Media Import from file system/Export to file system

We can do the bulk import and export using Serialization.But when you are serializing the tree output would be filename.item.We can’t see the actual media (image,doc or zip.)

If you want to resize or compress the image after uploading the images, then this post is for you.

How to do it ?

  1. Download and install the Sitecore Media Export Import from Sitecore Media
  2. Select the media folder and click export

Export Media


3.  After exporting the media , then check the export folder path

export folder path

How to Import from file system to Sitecore ?

  1. Select the media folder and click the import button

Import Media

Import progress

Export folder path name can be changed from config file.

<configuration xmlns:patch="" xmlns:x="">
<command name="mediaexporter:export" type="Sitecore.Scientist.MediaExportImport.MediaExportCommand, Sitecore.Scientist.MediaExportImport" />
<command name="mediaexporter:import" type="Sitecore.Scientist.MediaExportImport.MediaImportCommand, Sitecore.Scientist.MediaExportImport" />

<!-- The name of the directory under the Sitecore installation 
Data folder where exported zips will be stored -->
<setting name="Sitecore.Scientist.MediaExportImport.ExportFolderName" value="MediaExports" />


Download the Source code from Github.

Note : Please avoid the duplicate item names within the same tree.

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