Redirect Module for Sitecore 9

Simple redirect module for the Sitecore 9 and Sitecore 8. It has the following options for the redirect

  1. Sitecore Internal Items Redirect
  2. Regex Options
  3. Broken Links

It Supports 3 type of redirection

  1. Permanent Redirect (301)
  2. Temporary Redirect (302)
  3. Server Transfer

How to Use the Redirect Module

  1. Download and install the Redirect Module from the market place.Alternatively you can download from Simple Redirect
  2. Add these entry to your Site config file.
  3. You can keep the separate settings for each when you are using the multi site.


redirect settings.png

How to Use the Redirect Module

Internal Item Redirect

  1. Add the new redirect item


Map the target Item and Redirect Url

Redirect internal

2. Regex

Redirect Regex

For Ex. ^/test3(/.*)?$ – /test$1

Target Url : http://sitecoresite/test3/home4?test=1

Redirect Url :  http://sitecoresite/test/home4?test=1

3. Redirect Map

Redirect Map

Download the Source code from Github.

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